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Anencephaly Essay

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According to Thibodeau (5), the concept of soul mate is an old subject that captures imagination as it touches at the very core of people’s existence. He describes a soul mate as one who pushes another person away from the illusion that they are not only human but also spirits. He indicates that soul mates may help each other to become the best.  Soul mates may also enhance spiritual growth besides acting as catalysts to the partners to do things they would not have done if they were alone. Thibodeau (5) notes that soul mate is where two people of opposite sex are attracted to each other.  He further observes that the concept of soul mates has evolved over time to imply the lowest level of attraction which is sexually inclined. According to him this form of attraction has come to be known as love at first sight, which is purely biological and has nothing to do with the spiritual element of the two people involved. This kind of view seeks to shift attention from the real topic that is soul mate. Statements like "Forty days prior to the formation of a child, a Heavenly Voice cries out saying the daughter of so and so is destined for so and so” has caused a lot of interest in the topic of soul mates (Thibodeau 5).
In Moore’s description of  a soul mate, the two individuals have to feel so much connected to the point to which one may imagine that “the communication and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace” 9. He then argues that this kind of relationship is so important to the soul to the extent that it can only be compared to life itself.
Bowers (20) says that the subject of soul mate is arguably a multifaceted area of study since it has received varied opinions and definitions from different scholars. Furthermore, the widely accepted as the meaning of soul mate has been subjected to various interpretations and therefore cannot be ascertained. For instance, early...

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