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Animal Experimentation Essay

  • Submitted by: stoneroses
  • on November 25, 2012
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Animal Experimentation
Animal experimentation has led to the development of treatments of diseases and illnesses, but there is little scientific evidence that proves that animal testing leads to finding cures. The National Institution of Health (“NIH”) spends more than $30 million on chimpanzee experimentation. If they stop this process, the NIH could save more than $300 million. According to the Institution of Medicine (“IOM”) committee, animal experimentation is “unnecessary.” That being said, animal experimentation should be prohibited because it is unnecessary and unreasonable. It is unnecessary because they are wasting money that can be used on other medical research. Also, the human body may react differently to the tested “treatment” than the chimpanzee because humans, chimpanzees, and other non-human animals are physically different inside and out. It is unreasonable because animals are killed in the process. As humans, people should fight for the rights of these animals because they would not want to live life as a specimen.
Animal experimentation is a controversial issue because the viewpoints on both sides can change the meaning of the procedure. Animal experimentation started back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. A Greek doctor named Galen (also known as the “father of vivisection”) dissected pigs and goats in the second century in Rome. Animal experimentation is not only done in a science lab, but it is also done in medical schools, universities, military defense institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Animal experimentation is used to test the safety and effectiveness of everything from medications to cosmetics. Also, it is a way to understand how the human body works. Important vaccines and other treatments have been discovered through the process of animal experimentation. Although animal experimentation has made some “successes”, animal activist criticizes the method of testing on healthy animals. The abuse of...

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