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Animal Farm Allegory Essay

  • Submitted by: drewj2712
  • on November 24, 2012
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Animal Farm is an allegory novella about the Russian Revolution (the era during World War I).   This book was written by George Orwell who is also the author of the book 1984, in the book Animal Farm George Orwell tells a story about a group of animals overthrowing mankind and ruling over themselves. This represents the period when the people of Russia decided to change their ways of living. Each character in Animal Farm represents someone from the Russian Revolution era, some of these characters are: Old Major (Karl Marx), Snowball ( Leon Trotsky), Napoleon ( Joseph Stalin), the dogs ( K.G.B. which is a secret police that worked for Joseph Stalin), and many more. This gives the reader a better image and also helps the reader to understand what happened during the Russian Revolution. In the book Old Major represented Karl Marx,, which is the creator of communism. Old Major introduced the animals to animalism and encouraged them to take over Manor Farm and live in perfect harmony. Old Major also introduced the animals to a song called Beasts of England. Beasts of England represented the song β€œThe Internationale β€œ, which is the song formed by the Soviet Union after The Bolshevik Revolution.
The animals were successful in taking over Manor Farm. The name soon changed to Animal Farm after the animals were victorious in taking over the farm. They soon realized that it was up to them now to make sure that the farm is in tip top shape. Snowball ( Leon Trotsky) was the leader of the farm for this period of time in the book. Snowball devised plans to better the farm and help it to bring in an income. Snowball was a calm leader, he was slow to anger and quick to listen to others. Snowball was an intelligent pig therefore he enforced that the animals learn how to read, write, do arithmetic, etc. He also established the seven commandments which also symbolizes communism in the Russian government. The seven commandments are listed below:
  * Whatever goes on two legs is an...

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