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Ann Richard’s Keynote Address of 1988 Essay

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  • on November 23, 2012
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English 110
11 October 2012
Ann Richard’s Keynote Address of 1988
Ann Richards, the charming and strong-willed Democratic politician, delivered the Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention in July of 1988 as the state treasurer of Texas. Richards’ speech is still remembered to this day for her critical views on multiple aspects of the Republican Administration, including their governmental actions, decisions, and viewpoints. Insults towards Vice President George Bush, which implied that he does not care about the country or American citizens and lacks basic knowledge and understanding of our country’s growing economic problems, caught the public’s attention and were widely publicized. The address contains strong rhetorical appeals that influence the audience’s views on the negatively portrayed Republican Party and the seemingly better Democratic Party. Richards creates a strong ethical appeal to her audience by stating her Democratic political background, views, and opinions. However, her ethical appeal is partially biased considering that she is speaking to a democratic audience, therefore she has to cater to the democratic values, which include equality and fairness. She strongly enforces her pathetic appeal by addressing the audience’s love for their families and children, hope for a better economy and future, and feelings of forgottenness by the government. Richards carefully incorporates two brief anecdotes into her speech to trigger emotional responses in her audience. In her second anecdote, Richards tells the audience that she hopes that her “nearly perfect” granddaughter Lily “…goes on to raise her kids with the promise that echoes in homes all across America: that we can do better, and that’s what this election is all about.” Richards’ strong pathetic appeal targets the audience’s hope for a better government in the future, which is why she enforces Democratic plans for the country. Lastly, Richards provides a strong logical appeal by...

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