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Answers Essay

  • Submitted by: christeenie
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Bio 156 for final
Rio Salado Bio 156
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| What is the term for a single layered arrangement of epithelial cells? | | simple | |
| Which of the following epithelia is commonly used for filtration or osmotic exchange?simple squamous,
stratefied squamous,
simple columnar,
pseudostratefied columnar,
transitional | | simple squamous | |

| Which of the following epithelia is primarily protective and subjected to surface wear and tear? 

simple squamous

simple cuboidal

stratified squamous


transitional | | stratified squamous | |
| What type of gland is associated with a duct or body cavity? 





thyroid | | exocrine | |

| Which of the following are unicellular glands that secrete mucus? 





endocrine | | goblet | |
| Simple, compound, tubular, alveolar, and tubuloalveolar all apply to: 

endocrine glands

exocrine glands

secretion composition

hormones | | exocrine glands | |

| Which of the following is NOT a connective tissue function? 

establishes a structural framework

transporting fluids and dissolved materials

protecting delicate organs

storing energy reserves

conducting electrochemical impulses | | conducting...

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