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Anthropology Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Oct 24
  I) Social Organization
Social structure is a part of social organization, as institutions are also.

  II) Kinship- Intro
It is a fundamental component of organization. Family backgrounds are important to who we are. The family is an important economic unit. Who are one’s kin? Kin are enduring diffuse solidarity.

  III) Kinship Categories and Notation
Kinship and Cultural Diversity
Our kin are a special set of people. In different cultural systems around world have different bases for that speciality. In US we have the category of “mother” “madre”
Kin Terms
Biological Kin Types are descriptions of actual genealogical relations. We use them in the descriptive type of way to lump them together to define more individual types of relationships.
F= father, M=mother, S=son, D=daughter, B=brother, Z=sister, C=child, H=husband,W=wife
Chitnog= M, MZ, FZ, FZD

October 26

  I) Rules of Descent
-Who are in my group/close family members?
A) Bilateral descent – trace descent equally through males and females (equal relationship to all aunts, uncles, etc on both sides)
B) Unilineal Descent – descent is traces only through rates or ONLY through females; descent through only 1 line
-Patrilineal Descent – trace only through males
- Matrilineal Descent – trace only through women (belong to group of mother)
- Children could belong to different group than 1 of their parents
                II) Descent Groups
  * Unilineal descent
  1) Lineage – a group of people who can trace descent in a unilineal matter frfrom from a common ancestofrom a common

From a common ancestor
  * Matrilineage – lineage from matrilineal descent
  * Patrilineage – lineage from patrilineal descent
  2) Clan   - a group of people thought to be unilinearly related (group of people who believe themselves to be related un a unilinear way to common ancestor but cannot demonstrate the links)
As we go back, things get funny and we...

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