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Anthropology In The Public Eye Essay

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  • on November 2, 2010
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Evolution and Creationism have been in constant debate throughout history and have always been pinned against each other.   These two fairly different ideas about creation and adaptation of humans and animals has been extremely prevalent in the public eye almost forcing people to choose what side they take.   These theories have been in constant competition since Evolution was presented in 1838 (CITE ME) and there appears to be no change coming in the future.   The competition between these two origins of creation has been apparent through court cases,

Creationism stems from the book of Genesis and is very accepting; meaning when Creationists were told that in order for the fossil record to work they would need to change the laws of physics, or when told that there was a flood that whipped out unicorns it made sense, even when people inquired why men and women have the same number of ribs, they just did.   However Creationism went under a transformation in the 1990’s to catch up with modern science’s laws and theories that had now become generally accepted by the public (Sarkar 2007:2).   The idea behind restructuring Creationism was to “bring God back into the science classroom”(Sarkar 2007:2) however without disturbing and reforming the story of Genesis.   This new version of Creationism is now referred to as Intelligent Design and has revaluated some of the previous believes of Creationism.   Under this new theory it is no longer believed that the world is only 10,000 years old, or that the entire world is populated by the animals that were once aboard Noah’s Ark and that “Darwin and evolution are no longer always equated with evil and blasphemy”(Sarkar 2007:4).   The main argument of Intelligent Design is that there is no way that natural selection could be the cause for biological change as it is too complex and there must be a higher being that orchestrated and planned all the changes that happened and are still happening.   Intelligent Design wants science to...

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