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Antibiotics or Anti-Life? Essay

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Antibiotics…or Anti-Life?
      When was the last time you were sick? Did the doctor provide some sort of antibiotic in order to fight against the sickness? They probably did, but the question that we continue to face; are we misusing it? Over the span of many years, antibiotics have become a life saving medical advancement and a key to wellness for many patients, but are people relying on antibiotics too much, or even not enough? Are they beginning to harm instead of heal our illnesses?   These are questions that are beginning to arise in the area of medicine, but unfortunately, the answers have unfolded. ”While antibiotics have certainly benefited in myriad ways, a misuse of antibiotics may be changing our entire bacterial makeup” (Torres).   It has been proven that the misuse of antibiotics may not kill the bacteria completely which may trigger the creation of resistant bacteria, and continued misusage may cause long term effects or even death.   As the concerned public, we ask, “Are antibiotics beginning to change us, harm us, and even hinder us?”
Whenever a person is diagnosed with a bacterial illness or infection and prescribed with a specific dosage of antibiotics; they are required to complete the dosage given. When the dosage isn’t completed, it may result in remaining of living bacteria in the body. Why is this a big deal? We say, “What! There are only 5 pills left in the bottle! I feel a lot better anyways.” But those 5 pills could have a substantive effect on a person’s life. This is called the “I feel better disease”. When you have the “I feel better disease”, bacteria from the true infection is still present in the body, and gives it the opportunity to continue to grow back and multiply. Cure the “I feel better disease”, and get all of the bad guys out!
      How can a few more bacteria than normal harm you, anyways? Won’t the human body fight them off? Yes, but this concept is not entirely true. For example, when a person has strep throat, they are...

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