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Appendix C the Five C's Worksheet Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Appendix C

The Five C’s Worksheet

Directions: Identify the following factor descriptions to their corresponding C of credit.
The five C’s are listed below:

  * Capacity
  * Capital
  * Collateral
  * Character
  * Conditions

Condition | Which C? |
Your household cash flow helps to determine this C: | • Capacity |
Under these __________, you may still be approved with a cosigner | • Conditions |
This demonstrates how much your assets are worth. | • Capital |
Using your car or house as a promise to pay | • Collateral |
This makes you a better credit risk to the lender | • Collateral |
Lenders will evaluate your debt-payment ratio. | • Capacity |
The lender is taking your unique situation under consideration. | • Conditions |
Previous credit history | • Character |
This shows how long you have worked for your employer and if you have obtained an education. | • Character |
Having more at stake may make you less likely to default on a loan. | • Capital |

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