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Apple Essay

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Below is an essay on "Apple" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

apple is one of the worlds most successful retailers
apple never sold directly to customers before they opened there first store
apple has almost 400 retail stores
these stores employ over 42000 people
these stores host more than a million visitors every day
they generated nearly 19 billion in 2012
apple originally sold there products through other retailers such as sears and compUSA before opening there own store.
Apple had to reinvent retail.

some think that apple is so successful because they know why they do what they do
people want to buy why you do it   not what you do
almost from the beginning apple told you why they created a product
with the apple 2 it was to create a more affordable computer
when jobs introduced the mac, he said he belived that computers were to boxy, unexciting, and difficult to use.

the 7 greatest marketing lessons that apple brings to the table are
1. Ignore your critics
Apple focuses on building what they want to
They do this no matter the prieceaved cost
Every time apple has decided to innovate they have been laughed at
They have prevailed anyway
2. Turn the ordinary into something beautiful
For a long time when you bought a pc you had to put it together
At the same time pc makers were making standard hardware
Apple did not do this though
They reinvented the design of the pc
As a result we have mac’s and other apple products
Where others focus on parts apple focuses on the whole.
3. Justify your price
Many companies race to the bottom instead of marketing strategically
Apple ignored the standard and charged twice what competators do
How can they do it
First they build beaustifull products for an audience that loves them passionately
Second they justify there price with features and benefits that cant be matched
4. Comunicat in the language of your...

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