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Application of Meditation in One's Life Essay

  • Submitted by: christina27530
  • on November 25, 2012
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Christina Powell
Professor T. Truffin
English 101
28 September 2012
Application of Meditation in One’s Life
The single word “meditate” can be the one thing that sends a person to heaven or hell. One word; yet, with such a powerful and convicting meaning, could send us to a place of light and happiness, or to a place of deep darkness and terror. Both the origin and present day meaning of the word, “meditate,” can be applied in a Christian’s and non-believer’s life in a very important, specific, and necessary way that will be the deciding factor for where a person lives for eternity.
The word “meditate” was written in Hebrew in the form of the word, “hagah,” in Psalm one, which was written in 444-1000 B.C (Truffin). “Hagah” is where the word “meditate” began; it is the original meaning (Truffin). The word “hagah” was eventually translated into an English version, which had a similar meaning to the Hebrew word. The English form of the word, “hagah,” which is “meditate,” was translated from the Hebrew into English in 1560 (Truffin), with the translation of Psalm one. Both of these words have different; yet, similar meanings that can be applied to a person’s life in a dire way.
From looking up Strong’s entry in the Blue Letter Bible for the word, “hagah,” “meditate” is paired with words such as “roar,” “growl,” “utter,” or “speak.”   This means that “mediate,” in a sense, means to speak the words of the Bible out loud, as in to hear what we are saying and, in turn, memorize them. “Meditate” is also paired with the words “roar” and “growl”, which has a very different energy than just speaking the words of the Bible. This energy of “roaring” or “growling” is talking about being so persistent in the Word that you do not want to stop. Roaring in the animal world is a loud sound emitted from an animal; one that would make you tremble if you ever heard it.
This roaring is typically associated with the lion, which normally roars as a sort of defensive mechanism or a...

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