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Argumentative Essay

  • Submitted by: owong159
  • on November 17, 2013
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Jim Johnson:
Achievement-oriente : a “behind-the-scenes” mgr,provides detailed goals but leaves the execution to other managers
*Spends a lot of time in his office having meetings with dept heads.
*Has ‘confidence in his staff’
*Always ‘rushed’ and ‘ in a hurry’
Semi-effective: knows what’s wrong but not how to   ??? (cant see)

Tom Fitch:
Job description: to develop new marketing campaigns and promote the resort amongst the yachting elite in Connecticut where he lives.
Power base : Legitimate & information/expert (‘well connected in the sailing’)

?We don’t know . Fitch is’ hands-on’ and high profile when on site but not around much.*He has difficulty delegating

Other information: *Has a strong sailing background *Always at the resort during peak season & special promotion events

Kent Mawhinney:
Job Description: Second in command after J.J. Oversees all functional areas of the resort; implements the GMs plans& monitors results 3YRs in the position. 9 YRs expatriate experience (6yrs in USVI)
Power base: legitimate, expert & formal
Personality type : agreeable ,conscientious

*manages by saling around   willing to get his hands dirty offers assistance in any way necessary (example of servant leadership )   visits each dept head daily


Greatly appreciated by staff

Kristin Singiser

In charge of housekeeping and the front desk.
With the resort for 11 yrs and worked her way up
Power base” Legitimate & formal
Personality: Agreeable, Has many local fds well respected by guests & local staff becoz of her never-ending energy & constant smile.

Supportive : involved and energetic ; leads by example ; hands-on and there for her staff, Tough, but fair and concerned about her subordinates welfare.

Resort is constantly overbooked by Kimball and she has difficulty dealing wif the Chicago Office.
*Frustrated wif Kimball’s repeated errors
*She has a ‘sincere interest’...

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