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Argumentative Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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ENGL 1101
Argumentative Essay

Targeting Rule

In 2010 Roger Goodell made anti-launching rules to aid with the safety of the players.   The anti-launching rule is to penalize any player that jumps to hit another player in the head or neck.   The anti-launching rule is what led to the new targeting rule.   The new targeting rule is meant to penalize any player for using the crown of their helmet to hit the opponents head or neck area.   The rule is goaled to eliminate helmet to helmet hits and other hits that could lead to serious head injuries to players (Brown 2).
The goal of the new rule is to eliminate helmet to helmet hits.   Coaches everywhere are urged to teach their players the proper way to tackle and are urged to lower their strike zone.   The penalty is a 15 yard penalty and automatic ejection from the game.   At the college level if the player is ejected in the second half of the game, the suspension will carry over to the first half of the next game, but in high school games, the rule is not applied.   Coaches around the nation are very much behind the new rule.   Jared Sanderson said, “Really, the number-one thing when you’re going to hit somebody you’ve got to keep your eyes up, and we talk to the kids all the time about that” (Watson 2).   Sanderson is saying coaches goals are to educate their players that if they have their head down going in for a hit, bad things like head or neck injuries.   Many players have been forced to retire early or in rare cases have been hurt permeantly.   Concussions occur from to many hits to the head which is where many players and coaches are hoping the new targeting rule will lower the concussions in football.   High schools spend a lot of time during their two-a-day practices teaching proper techniques.   Coach Jerry Palmore said, “With our kids we hope they’ve been taught well enough and do the same things, that in the heat of the battle we hope they do it correctly” (Watson 4).   Football is a very aggressive and...

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