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Argumet Paper

  • Submitted by: thomsonjax
  • on November 8, 2010
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America: Boom or Bust?

Year after year people born in the United States have great opportunities.   People born in America have a lot better opportunity to do something special than someone born in a different country.   America is commonly known as the “Land of opportunity,” and that is a great name.   America has countless opportunities for someone to be successful.   The average American has a better opportunity to do something special, than someone born in a different less fortunate country.   As the 21st century goes on Americans keep growing and expanding with opportunities.  
On the other hand there are many possibilities to why the United States will not keep booming in the 21st century.   Many of the nations jobs have been moved overseas.   The main reason for this is because companies can pay workers less money in other countries and they will do more work.   With so much work going overseas that leaves less jobs for people in the U.S.   Another main factor that might lead to the United States be less of a booming country in the United States is high school education.   In Scott Bidstrup’s essay he acknowledges that high school education is not what it used to be.   He claims that there are many high school students today who struggle doing the simple things like reading and writing (www.bidstrup.com).   With high school students becoming less and less interested in schooling leads to many problems.   If students are ignorant and believe they don’t want to learn, it is nearly impossible to teach them anything.   Any person in the United States must want to learn in order to learn.   Students in other countries are so excited and grateful to learn.   This is because they know not every person in their country gets an opportunity to go to school.   While those students are learning they will try to learn everything that that they can.
However, American’s believe that they can do anything.   America is, and always will be growing.   For a long time there has been a...

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