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Aristotle Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Aristotle had different idea’s, about philosophical knowledge and how we acquire it, to Plato. Aristotle came up with the theory of cause and purpose. He believed there was a relationship between cause and effect. He thought each thing or event has more than one "reason" that helps to explain what, why, where and how it is.Aristotle distinguished four causes. These four causes were the material cause, the efficient cause, the formal cause and the final cause.

The final cause is, in Aristotle's opinion, the most important cause of all. This cause is what and object or some type of "thing" was designed to do or be. It is like the goal, or the intended function of a construction or invention (fulfilling its telos). This is completely different from the other three causes. He argues that the final cause is the cause of that which brings it about, so for example "if one defines the operation of sawing as being a certain kind of dividing, then this cannot come about unless the saw has teeth of a certain kind;According to Aristotle, once a final cause is in place, the material, efficient and formal causes follow by necessity.
The material cause is the matter out of which a thing is made. Aristotle believed everything has a purpose and this wasn't enough to make the "thing" what it was designed to do. The efficient cause helps the "thing" to for fill its function,
The efficient cause is the agent that brings about something (the thing that puts the parts together)such as a carpenter puts the wood together with nails and glue bringing about a chair.
The Formal cause according to Aristotle is the characteristics that make the object fit into whatever category it fits into, such as a table it isn’t just a lump of wood it has the characteristics of a table that is why we call it a table, because it has 4 legs and a flat surface held up by the legs.

What separates the Final Cause further than the three other causes is the fact that Aristotle's idea of God is the...

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