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Art History Essay

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  • on October 24, 2010
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I have never been intrigued by looking at art. I never had to take an art class in high school and honestly, I don’t fully understand it. Going to an art museum didn’t sound fun to me at all until I actually got there. I couldn’t believe how many different pieces of art were actually there. I imagined that there would be pictures and some sculptures, but there truly is a piece of art for everyone.
When I went to the Art Museum of Milwaukee, the layout was a little difficult to understand. There were four floor located in the museum with about forty different galleries. The museum was laid out into three different areas. It had the War Memorial Center built in 1957, Kahler Building built in 1975, and the Quadracci Pavilion built in 2001. I noticed that the musem was laid out mostly based on the time period the form of art was from. It could have been as early as Grecian art or as late as today’s art.
Surprisingly, I liked a lot of different art pieces. I really like paintings and pictures more than anything else. I think that sculptures and other forms of art are intriguing but paintings are my passion. Before going to the museum, I did not realize how many different forms of art there were. They are not only separated by their time period and the type of art but also by the style such as sculptures’, paintings, and just older artifacts like dressers. Whatever the artist has its mind that is it art, it is. I am intrigued by the older aspect of art. I enjoy history so finding the oldest forms of art are difficult and fun   to myself.
One of my favorite paintings was Roy Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl completed in 1964. The painting was his first enamel on steel painting. To me the picture is amazing,   it was something I would never have believed too been in a art museum. It almost looks unreal since the picture itself has no imperfections.
As stated previously I really enjoy things that are not so much drawn or created but art this comes from something simple...

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