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Arted Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 18, 2013
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I have always had an interest in Yoga, I but never got the chance to take a yoga class until just a few days ago and for some reason I felt that I wouldn’t necessarily fit in. I had to make time for this, usually in most cases I have other things to tend to or it’s never an activity I made to be dire, but for this purpose it was for a new experience outside of my comfort zone as well as for academic means. Going into the yoga class I did have a feeling of being a sore thumb sticking out. The reason I felt this way is probably due to the idea that yoga is meant to be a slow and steady, relaxing activity. I am definitely not a person that moves in a slow steady fashion. Being an athlete that runs to always keep my heart rate up and running I definitely knew I would face a challenge going into this atmosphere. These feelings however aren’t feelings that were preconceived they were just natural feelings I had, it’s in a way difficult to explain because they somewhat spurted from my anxiousness to partake in this class along with my nervousness, being that I had never done it before.
      A few days ago on Thursday I attended an evening yoga class at the recreational physical activity center otherwise known as the RPAC. Going into this event I was not expecting there to be a lot of people on a Thursday evening at a yoga session. I was mistaken, there was about an estimated, 40 individuals at the session that night. I’ve always thought of yoga as an activity that people engage into to relaxation. While in attendance at this event I observed that there were definitely a lot of women versus men in the class. This class had a very diverse group of individuals. Yoga always appears to be an activity that mostly women choose to engage into, while with men it can be a little uncomfortable. Every man has their reasons however.
      My initial feelings about this event were excitement, then walking into the space I felt a sense of immediate confusion along with interest. When...

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