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Arts&Ideas3 Essay

  • Submitted by: FKFeather
  • on November 24, 2012
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12 Nov 2012
Arts & Ideas II
Discussion Question 3

DISCUSSION QUESTION #3:   The Renaissance and the Neoclassic periods in art had one thing in common; Classicism:   Locate 5 examples of how Classicism can be seen in Neoclassic art.
Example 1 -   Thomas Banks, The Death of Germanus. 1774. Page 791, plate #23.4   Banks authenticated this Historic scene by making the setting as real and historical as possible using architecturally correct details and furniture. To make the image more antigue his classical figures are aligned in a flat shallow frieze composition, idealizing faces and in Greek profile.   The women and children express sorrow as the soldiers express a moralistic vow to avenge his death.
Example 2 -   A classic example of a moralistic painting is Angelica Kauffmann’s, Cornelia Presenting Her Children as Her Treasures. ca 1785.   Page 793, plate #23.5.   In this painting, Kauffmann champions child-rearing and family duty over materialism.   She counters typical male stereo-typing, by presenting her subject as proactive and in control.   This painting is based on a second century Roman story in which a visiting friend just showed off her jewelry to Cornelia Gracchus.   Instead of displaying her own gems, Cornelia proudly displays her children.   This picture illustrates both virtue and the emerging importance of the family unit.
Example 3 -   Benjamin West, The Death of General Wolfe. 1770. Page 794, plate 23.6.   Introduced as a contemporary history painting, this picture illustrates a Historic event in a realistic setting of 1759 Quebec during the French and Indian War.   The event is viewed as a traditional Lamentation scene with Wolfe as a modern-day Christ or martyr.   The figures strike contrapposto poses, stand in Classical profiles and have a sculptural quality of a shallow ancient relief, they are both modern and Classical.
Example 4   -   Joshua Reynolds, Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to The   Graces. 1765.   Page 796, plate 23.7.   Filling this...

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