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Asd and the Fgh Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Bilkent University

Engineering Faculty

Department of Computer Engineering

A Proposal to Investigate Methods to Increase Voter Turnout, Reduce Cost and Enable Mobility of Voters in Turkish Elections

Final Report

ENG 400: Technical Report Writing and Presentation

Section 2

Instructor: Iain Board

Salim Sarımurat


December 12, 2010

List of Contents
List of Contents i

List of Figures ii

Abstract 1

1. Introduction 1

2. Problem Definition 2

3. Proposed Solutions 4

  3.1. Vote wherever you are 5

  3.2. Use Voting Machines 5

  3.3. Vote online 6

4. Criteria for Assessing Solutions 6

5. Research Methodology 7

  5.1. Analysis of Election Systems in Different Countries 7

  5.2. Contact with Professionals 8

  5.3. Contact with YSK Officials 9

6. Interpretation / Analysis 10

  6.1. Vote wherever you are 10

  6.2. Vote using voting machines 10

  6.3. Vote online 11

7. Conclusion / Recommendations 12

References 13

List of Figures
Figure 1 - Lines of people waiting to vote 3

Figure 2 - A ballot form from 2007 parliamentary elections 4

Figure 3 - Sample ballot form used in Bismark's papoer 8

Figure 4 – Bismark’s Demonstration - Tearing ballot form 9


      Turkish democracy relies on politicians who speak, act and think on behalf of the whole society. We organize elections to choose our politicians from a group of candidates suggested by different political parties. Notwithstanding the importance of elections, the voter turnout is low, cost is high and voters are not mobile. Identifying these facts, I have studied possible ways of enhancing the efficiency of election procedure. I have proposed 3 solutions and analyzed them....

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