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Asfds Essay

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Kite runner
I have chosen the novel named ‘Kite Runner’. This novel background is Afghanistan. This
novel is telling about Amir’s life. Amir lives in a rich house in Kabul, Afghanistan. Amir has
family who are Baba, Hassan and Ali. I hate Amir because he is a kind of selfish character
because he did not help Hassan when Hassan was raped by Assef at the end of alley. He also
kick Hassan out of his home because he felt uncomfortable to see Hassan. Amir was in full of
greedy. Hassan was superior to Amir about everything that is why Amir did not help Hassan
because of   jealous. The thing that I like the most part is Amir realized that he had a brother
which is Hassan. When Amir was young, he was an egoist. He did not even care about other’s
feeling, he was only pursue of his happiness. However, now he becomes an adult and he
heard an information that he had a brother by his father. When he hear that, he was in sorrow
because he reminded how he treated him when they live together in same house. At this scene,
It touches my sensitivity. I was impressed with Amir’s react after he heard that news. He
decided to go to Afghanistan to see his brother and his son from California, United states. As
we see here, we can discover his humanity. He wants to receive forgiveness from Hassan and
meet Hassan again. I think this story will unfold how Amir faces new problems in
Afghanistan. Time goes by passes, Amir was changed naturally so he would not accustomed
to following Afghanistan’s rule.

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