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Assertive Discipline Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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ECH-135: Child Guidance, Management and the Environment                         Grand Canyon University |
Assertive Discipline
Behavior / Classroom Management Program |


Assertive Discipline

When we think about behavior/classroom management program many pre-packaged programs   may come to mind as there are many behavior/classroom management programs available today. To name a few there are,   Choice theory, Assertive Discipline, Responsible Thinking, Love and Logic, Make Your Day, Discipline with Dignity, Fred Jones, Whole Brain Teaching and more. As educators when making the choice as to which you may use in the classroom, some might say it all depends on the students, their temperaments, their personalities and or even their home lives as all of those items can cause children to act and react in many different ways while in the classrooms. However, others might say, none of that really matters at all and that you as the teacher just need to pick one based on what you feel is necessary for your classroom. Or as a teacher you may have no choice in which program is used at all as it might be a decision that is made by your administrators. However, given the choice how do you know which one is the right one?

One of behavior/classroom management programs that we see widely being used in our classrooms today is Assertive Discipline. Assertive Discipline is an approach to classroom management developed by Lee and Marlene Canter in the 70's. This approach has a high level of firm but positive control in the classroom by the teacher. Assertive Discipline requires the teacher to provide and teach the rules and directions that plainly spell out the limits of acceptable and unacceptable student behavior. Another part of this approach in behavior/classroom management is that when needed the teacher is to ask for assistance from the parents and or administrators in handling the behaviors of students. This approach also requires the creating...

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