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Asses The Causes Of The 1905 Revolution Essay

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  • on November 11, 2010
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The 1905 revolution was the first time Russian Tsarism had come under any real major threat, with the largest amounts of groups, societies and people uprising at the same time. These causes are split from long term to short term, as many of the causes had been lingering for hundreds of years under tsarist rule, and many had appeared under to certain events that unfolded leading up to 1905.
The main long term social and economic cause was the unrest and dissatisfaction of people across. Russia, with 84% of the Russian population living as peasants, they were by far the largest group in the country but they were also the poorest. Peasants were very dissatisfied with their living conditions and how land was divided up, although serfdom had been destroyed by the Emancipation act of 1861 peasants still had to pay for the land they received, where they believed they should receive better quality land for no cost, as a result of these factors famine became a normal condition. Working conditions and low pay was also the norm with the taxation burden and low profits created much resentment to the tsarist regime that had been in place for many generations. With this resentment, poor conditions, increasing land shortage and famine; peasant outbreaks increased with major strikes and the attack on government property and landowners land in 1891- 92, 1897, 1898 and 1901. Furthermore the conditions for the urban workers and peasants worsened, the famines had led to shortage and more distress in the countryside and the industrial towns, with poorly ventilated factories and yet again poor pay and long hours. With unions being illegal, economic depression struck Russia between 1899 and 1903 with high levels of unemployment.This resentment and unrest was also shared by the middle class, with the tsar excluding them from sharing in government wealth and therefore offering them little leading to a feeling of ill will towards the incompetent government trying to uphold autocracy. This...

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