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Attack from Alien Essay

  • Submitted by: moonstar23
  • on November 18, 2013
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The Attack of Man on Earth
My name is Allen; I am the Prime Alien leader of Venus.   I was the one who came up with the idea of taking control of earth from the humans. Life before I died in 42001 was complicated, I was the fourth generation of the alien population and the pressure was on to conquer another planet because of minimal resources due to the greed of the second generation aliens. Regulations and rations were mandated by all until we could replenish our resources; this was working out well until the tween aliens started to rebel.   We were just like humans but the aliens were far more advanced and had only one eye in the middle of their head. We had bright orange hair but the most significant difference that set us apart from humans was that we did not need air to breathe because our body creates it own air.
We were happily living on Venus until we had grown too big and were running out of resources. The five leaders of our planet Cyber, Vanguard, Zimmie, Cream and myself. Cyber was care free; he was not the smartest one out there. The one thing that concerned me about Cyber was his addiction to drugs. Cream was moody and sensitive one but he was very smart. Zimmie was oldest one us all. He was very calm and usually able to laugh everything off. Vanguard was a good person with a bad temper.
    Since we were running low on resources we each had to make a team of only one hundred soldiers because our weapons were a lot better than human weapons for when we go capture Earth , we would not need more than one hundred soldiers.
In planning for our adventure to Earth we all agreed we should stop at the moon for a break so the men are not tired from the long ride; this way they will be ready to fight when we get to Earth.   It was nice on the moon and we did not need a special suit to breathe because we can make our own air and are accustom to living in space. We traveled in a little space vehicle that was just like a seat or two with a mechanism below...

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