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Attendance in College Essay

  • Submitted by: donjuan13
  • on November 19, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Attendance in College" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

One of the main reason’s college students drop out is because of attendance. Going to college is supposed to give you freedom to make many important choices in life regarding education without high school mandatory attendance policies. However, students everywhere are coming to think that college is a lot like high school. It’s ridiculous that teachers still take roll and expect students to get to evry class on time. Blinn College should get rid of attendance policies for many reasons to be further discussed.

A good reason to get rid of attendance policies is that students have a choice to be more responsible on whether you decide to go to class or not. Research indicates that once you hit the age of 18, personality and brain has reached to a stage of maturity. Therefore, students can make their own decisions about what’s most important to them in their lives, and learn that they will have to face the consequences too their choices. College is supposed to be the educational structure that prepares students for the real world. For example, if you were responsible enough to make it to class and make good decisions, you will most likely be responsible at work.

College students need more schedule flexibility. Sometimes students can’t attend University Activities such as sports, band, etc. Therefore, they can’t show their abilities and skills because they have to attend class. For example, a stud athlete couldn’t make it to practice or important games because he was forced to attend class for the reason of attendance policy. Therefore, he would miss a great opportunity. Students also have other obligations. Each person has a different history with different life experiences and different issues they have going on. For example, Students that cannot afford college or their parents are low income have to work long hours to pay for their studies and their housing are sometimes unable to attend class. Therefore, they miss class for a reason that is beyond their...

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