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Audience Analysis

  • Submitted by: Cherryplace
  • on November 24, 2012
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Audience Analysis Paper

Audience Analysis Paper

        When speaking in front of a group of people, the speaker must always keep in mind the audience. The audience factor will dictate how the speaker presents the message they want to convey. Here is a small list of things to consider before your presentation;

    • Take care of your appearance
    • Speak distinctly and loud enough for everybody to hear you
    • Being nervous, you might speak rapidly - take your time, do not rush
    • Make pauses to let your audience react to a fact, joke, etc.
    • Make eye contact with your audience
    • Use hand gestures effectively, do not keep your hands in pockets, etc.
    • Be yourself, do not let your own personality hide behind nervous tremor

      When considering whether or not to use a high impact power-point, or slide presentation on an overhead screen. The speaker’s ability to understand the audience, to whom you are speaking, can make or break a presentation. One example of this, is presenting quarterly sales to a group of stakeholders. In a presentation like this the speaker would want to show the quarterly figures in a graph or chart, that shows the color differences of sales and profits. With a well researched background on the past three quarters and the next quarter’s projections. When communicating sales and futures sales projections, it is suggested that the presenter use a colorful, yet muted presentation of slides. With more emphasis on the figures and projections, the speaker needs to remember that a good presentation keeps the audience involved in the presentation while not overwhelming them with music, or too much information in one slide.

Another important point of presentations to small groups is the diversity of that group. The age, education level, and gender, all need to be taken into account when making a presentation. The presenter must keep the audience entertained, while keeping the information...

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