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Audience Analysis

  • Submitted by: crewchief191
  • on November 25, 2012
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Audience Analysis
January 30,2012

Audience Analysis
We are going to discuss how to effectively communicate to a wide range of individuals in an audience. The first part we will look at what back grounds the members of the audience come from. Secondly we will figure out what communication channels would be the correct way to convey the message that needs to be portrayed. Third we will look at what considerations that needs to be taken to include the different cultures that are present in the audience. Lastly we will look at what avenues that needs to be used to ensure that our message is understood correctly.
When talking to a wide range of individuals the speaker must be able to analyze the audience that they are speaking to. The speaker needs to have an understanding of the material that they are trying to tell to the other individuals in the room. When conveying a message to a diverse group the speaker needs to keep check of their verbal and nonverbal movements as to not offend the members that are in the meeting. While speaking to the group the person must be able to explain the message so that all individuals that are listening to the speech will comprehend and have a full understanding of what is happening in the company.
The audience that is attending the meeting come from a diverse back ground within the business and in knowing this beforehand the speaker will be able to better prepare the material for the speech. In understanding what needs to be done will allow for a better, more knowledgeable message that is being conveyed to a diverse group. Being able to understand what back grounds that all the members that are attending the meeting will give the speaker more chances of not offending any of the other members by mistake. Since the audience is from such a diverse back ground the information that is going to be talked about needs to be in a form so that all members will be able to understand what is happening within the company....

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