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Audience Analysis

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  • on November 16, 2010
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Audience Analysis

Business Writing is action- oriented and user-centered. In user-centered design the speaker or presenter must foremost think about the audience and consider the readers based on: expectations, characteristics, goals, and context.   Effective workplace writing focuses on the need of the reader.
The speaker must have a concise understanding of the purpose of the message. More important, knowing an audience is crucial when a creating a presentation. Whether it is required or needed to educate different groups: stakeholders, managers, salespeople, and customers. ABC companies have an in-person meeting in which the quarterly sales to a diverse group. To accomplish effectively, this complex task, the presenter needs to analyze the audience, consider the characteristics, the channels of communication, be mindful of diverse groups, and address message effectiveness.
When dealing with a large diverse group of people a speaker must be willing to do his or her research for an understanding of the audience and needs of the group. The five different types of audiences are gatekeeper, primary, secondary, auxiliary or shadow, and watchdog (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).
The gatekeeper in the aforementioned situation would be the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Senior Executives. Project managers, Senior Management, and team members are primary audience. Possessing an idea of how the company is going and knowledgeable ideas of where the company should be.
Managers will be looking for the speaker to deliver a professional response of the quarterly sales. Their concerns are with practical matters, profits, effects on people. The sales team, administrative staff, financial or legal consultants of ABC companies is the secondary audience. Customers are more interested in sales and the market value of the product. One must realize that these customers will be interested in both the disadvantages and the advantages of the product and quarterly...

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