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Audrey Essay

  • Submitted by: tayseals
  • on October 25, 2010
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Soldier's Home
Home is something that people search for, long for, and sometimes even abhor. Many think that is only where you lay your head. Ernest Hemingway proved it’s not that simple to a soldier. Home was unchanged physically to Krebs. It was still his hometown after he returned from the war. It was still in Oklahoma. The war had not touched his home with battles and engagements. It was still where his family lived. His bed was still in the same room and in the same house. However, the boy that returned to this house did not have a home any longer. He could still lay down his head at night, but his mind could not rest now. He knew he had changed, but he didn’t want to.

During the war and after, his experience affected him to such a great deal that he could then not even pray. Many people lose their belief in God. There was much more to this loss for Krebs however. We are led to believe that his mother was deeply religious. How hard it would have been for Krebs to disregard in public his animosity towards God now. Anyone can pray out loud and not mean their words. Their faith cannot be seen to other people. Therefore, Krebs went along with this formality of praying with his mother for her sake, not his. His home before the war was filled with God filled days at the college. During the war he must have searched for God and not found him. That is why on his return to his hometown, he does not see the point of blindly believing any longer.

Krebs seemed to like the normality of everyday life. We learn of his daily routine of sleeping late, walking to the library and sitting on the front porch. He reads about the war on his front porch. This seemed to symbolize his wanting both worlds. He wishes that there were more maps in these books. Maps were important to him because they were concrete. They were stable. Maps could not be changed, unlike his hometown. Where was his home now? Could he find it? His family had their own routine also. They ate breakfast,...

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