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Autism Essay

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One and a half million people are living with Autism. Autism is a disability that effects how someone communicates and interacts with others. Autism isn’t like other illness like the cold or the flu. And not everyone can get it. This disorder is not communicable which means a person cannot catch autism from another person.
So far as medical science is aware, there is NO CURE for autism.
There are signs and symptoms of autism. But not all people with autism not notice the differences in their baby at first. The baby may not want to eat, not smile as much, or may even look away while parents are talking to them. Babies with autism keep screaming and cannot be calmed down as easily as other normal babies. Some don’t show signs until they enter kindergarten when they can be tested or observed by a teacher. But children with this disorder usually appear physically normal, yet they show a group of behaviors that are related to autism. Autism can occur in any gender, race, and ethic group.
This disability results from problems in the nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and a network of nerves that allow someone to move, think, and sense the world around them. One of the many things with autism experience is Sensory Intergration, any of their senses can be either over or under sensitive. For instance, you may touch something that is soft like a cat’s fur, but to them it can actually be quiet painful; certain fabrics for clothes can also be uncomfortable to their skin. And every day sounds can even to be painful to the ears! Foods that are sweet & delicious to us may taste plain to them. I wonder if they think plain stuff to us tastes sweet & delicious to them?! And when we smell beautiful flowers or perfume, can give off an awful odor to them. I find that very interesting…Isn’t it?
The causes of autism used to be unknown. Now, some scientists have some ideas. Most causes of autism appear to be caused by a combination of autism risk genes. A...

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