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Awfully Chcolate Essay

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Awfully Chocolate was started back in 1998 by a group of friends who held individual day jobs that met up frequently to hangout, to talk about work, life over meals and drinks, and during these conversations some of them were keen to test their theories and be bosses themselves. The vision was simple: create the perfect chocolate cake. Not sweet nor creamy. Very chocolaty and yet light and moist so one could have it all day and not find the taste overly powering that would make you feel sick of it. The chocolate had to be pure and addictive, something one would come back and crave for more.
The group started their trial and error process, every weekend from dawn to dusk they would try different recipes and methods in baking this fantasy, while some went to recce the locations that fitted their idea. Over the period of a year, they fine-tuned the product and set out on their venture in the business.
The company’s marketing environment consists of the actors and forces that affect the management’s ability to develop and maintain successful transaction with its target customer. It offers them both opportunities as well as threats. Here is Awfully Chocolate’s marketing environment. Having a unique and contrarian mind-set, their marketing strategy was simple: a minimalist approach. There was to be only one product in the shop, and that was the simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. An ever popular dark chocolate ice cream called “Hei” added to the unique outfit of a chocolate purist. During a period where it was almost considered taboo in the local environment to implement such trivial concepts, they boldly did and have become a huge success with the achievements to show for.
With a straightforward and unique philosophy, the focus of the group was quality, not quantity. The products they choose to offer are deliberately limited, sticking close to the spirit of offering the perfected art of chocolate at its purest in the form of a cake. The...

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