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Badlands Essay

  • Submitted by: jmoreno
  • on October 26, 2010
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October 5, 2006


After watching Badlands, Kit, who is played by Martin Sheen, seems to be a good person at heart but clouded by stupidity.   His reasons for killing people are not justified.   Reasons he gives to Holly do not seem to quite make sense to Holly.   Looking at Kit you could compare him to Iago in the sense he keeps on killing in order to stay alive and not be caught.   Looking at Holly she seems to be the pure and innocent young girl that becomes “corrupted” by Kit.   There is something that Terrance Malek leaves out in the story which is getting an in depth analysis of Kit.   His character really does not develop till the every end of the movie.   Kit has been captured which baffled me because he shot his own tire and was then arrested.   After his capture he makes friends with all the National Guard and police officers that are there watching over him.   Once he is taken away he soon realizes what his fate will be and ask the police officer if the judge will take into consideration that he is something special.
Holly on the other hand is narrating the story and as she tells us her account she seems to question what Kit tells and his reasons or motives for killing.   Holly soon realizes that her running from the law with Kit will lead to their end but to hers as well.   Once the police helicopter is spotted she soon realizes that she needs to leave Kit.   Holly had her chances to leave and slip away but the world had seemed so different and it was a distant memory, it was easier for her to stay with Kit because it was all she knew.   Trying to understand Holly was difficult because she knew right from wrong.   She also would acknowledge that Kit’s reasoning’s for doing things did not make sense to someone who was sane or had common sense.   Once the story ends, Holly ends up marrying her lawyers son, due to the fact that people looked down upon her.   He was one of the few people that understood her.

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