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Baseball Life Essay

  • Submitted by: evan313
  • on November 15, 2010
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Baseball Life
There will always be memorable times in your life, but some may have more importance to you and some may be memorable but they just aren’t as important.   Some memories are bad memories but you remember them even when you try to get them out of your mind, but most people don’t want to worry or talk about bad memories and that’s why I try and only think of the good ones.   There is one really good memory in my life that has stood out to me and I’ve really enjoyed it in so many different ways.   My best memories came about in my favorite sport which is baseball.   With me growing up all around sports in my family, sports have been one of my hobbies and main interests.   Having all the sports surround me and me just enjoying any sport, I would have to say that baseball is easily my favorite sport for many different reasons.   This sport has always been my family’s favorite as well since I have been around and I think that has caused me to enjoy it even more and be able to produce such great memories.   This memory in baseball will be a memory I will always treasure and remember.
Well it all starts long ago when my dad got me into baseball and I was in the little leagues.   Where I am from baseball might be one of the biggest sports within all ages from little league all the way through high school baseball.   So back when I was a little one in the little leagues I was always on the all-star teams every year and always got selected to be in the homerun derby and some of the other events that they held at the tournaments we traveled to. Eventually we were in the tournament that offered this homerun derby, and I was all nervous about being in this because it was the first one ever for me and when your little you worry about stuff like that even more than usual.   It comes time that I am up and I try my best, and the next thing u know they announce all of the totals and the winner, and what do u know it was me!   I being that young I carried on with my baseball life...

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