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Battle Of Algeirs Essay

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  • on November 3, 2010
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The Algerian War was a really the important war, it led to the decolonization of Algeria from France. In this war there was usage of guerrilla warfare, terrorism from the Algerians and the French, and a great deal of torture was used. The French first took over Algeria in 1830 and had control till 1962. The Algerian people wanted there independence but the French had been in control for over one hundred years. A group of people felt that the only way to get their independence was through terrorist actions. A terrorist group called the F.L.N (National Liberation Front) started to shoot down French officers one by one. To get back at the F.L.N back, French officers started bombing down innocent Algerian civilians to avenge their fallen comrades. This made the Algerians very angry so to get even the F.L.N also started to bomb French civilians.
A movie released in 1996 called The Battle of Algiers, under the direction of Gillo Pontecorvo shows the conflicts between the French and Algerians and how the French defeated the F.L.N. The movie is mainly centered around a man by the name of Ali la Pointe. In the beginning of the movie Ali is a street thug who really had nothing to fight for and just committed petty crimes. But once he was in prison he became a changed man. He sees a man being condemned to death by the guillotine, and as the man was taking his last walk he screams “Allah is Great” and “Long Live Algeria”. Seeing this man die gave something for Ali to fight for he was now going to fight for the liberation of his people and country. After he is released from jail he is recruited by a man named of El-hadi Jaffar to the F.L.N. Jaffar is a main leader of the F.L.N and is more then happy to have Ali join them. Also in the film there is a man by the name of   Commander Lt. Colonel Philippe Mathieu. He was called in to led the war against the F.L.N after the bombings on the French. Gillo Pontecorvo does an amazing job throughout the movie to get you to sympathize...

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