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Battlefield Essay

  • Submitted by: laurenann18
  • on November 19, 2013
  • Category: English
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Battlefield GCSE Coursework

As I hesitated towards the bloody, brutal, battlefield, I saw a glimpse of what I thought to be a leg! There are pools of blood surrounding me everywhere, I thought to myself what am I entering hell? The shells of guns were released like a pack of hungry wolves it was nearly impossible to make it out alive. If I stopped for a split second to stare at what was happening I would not be returning home from this war. I stooped down until I ached all over; my vision was blurred and I could not think straight it was so unreal.

Soldiers are screeching and crying sounds of pain which echo through out the Barron land. Many of us were also screaming due to our never ending worry. We all scurried towards the enemies’ base dodging, ducking, and diving our way through the mud and rich fresh blood of the soldiers. All I could smell was flesh and it was thickly painted over my face. I began to think what would it be like to die? But then I am scared about dying as well. I held my head high and thought about my family and that I really wanted to pursue this deed. I began to run like a cheetah after its prey; it is agonising to think about not ever seeing my family again. As I ran I trembled and could not feel the bottom of my legs, I looked down to see blood gushing out of my leg like a whirlpool then it struck me… the pain! I have been hit by a bullet! I remembered what the general had said to me “always get the bullet out and pack the wound.” As I began to remover my body around a fellow soldier grabbed me by the arm and began to pull me to safety.

All my body began to feel numb and the coldness of the frost was unbearable. I was losing all my body heat at a fast pace and every time I looked at my leg the wound seemed to be more severe. It was hard to see were I was travelling because of the thick, black smoke from the guns. To the left of me I saw a flower in the middle of this injurious place, it was like hell conjoined with heaven! Planes...

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