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Be Careful What You Wish for Essay

  • Submitted by: atleiss
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Narrative Essay
Ashton Leiss
Mr. Mencsik
November 14, 2012
Be careful What You Wish For

Most people say things that they do not mean.   Some say “I hope you die” or “I never want to see you again.”   What if it actually happened and it could not be taken back?   Be careful what you wish for.
One night at a party my ex-boyfriend, John and I were arguing.   It had been going on for hours and it had become tiring.   I finally just started to ignore him, so he left.   An hour later he called me complaining and after a few words I pretty much told him I wished something bad would happen to him.
About a half hour later I received a phone call.   It was my friend and he explained how John was involved in a fight and his arm was broken.   My heart dropped and I started hysterically crying.   I could not believe that this had happened.   I then rushed to the hospital.
When I arrived, the nurses allowed me to go back to his room.   I did not realize how severe the accident was until then.   Nurses running everywhere, yelling at other to hand them equipment that was needed.   Bloody rags cover the floor from the nurses trying to clean him up.   John was screaming at the top of his lungs from the pain.   As I walk up to the bed, it looked like his elbow was bent backwards and then I saw that the bone was sticking out of his skin.   The injury was so severe that they had to send him to the OSU hospital.   When I arrived at OSU a nurse came out and explained that John’s elbow was like powder.   She then said how he was going to be placed in critical condition after the surgery.   Two hours later, the doctor showed me pictures of the surgery.   They cut his arm open from his shoulder to his wrist.   To see his skin folded over and all his veins in his arm completely disgusted me.   The only thing I could think of is how this was all my fault.
Be careful what you wish for.   I felt like this event would have never happened if I did not tell John that I wanted something bad to...

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