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Before I Fall - the Glass Menagerie Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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In the text "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams and "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver different female voices can be identified according to the context of each text. Select one female voice from each text and discuss how each composer has conveyed this female voice to the responder

The female voice possesses a combination of different characteristics that can be inspirational or damaging towards a person. The female voice can be heard by an individual and allow learning to occur from hearing their life experiences which Lauren Oliver portrays in the novel 'Before I Fall', through the character of Samantha. Through Samantha's inner voice, she shows the reader how she believes you should live life without any regrets and as the responder you reflect with Samantha regarding your own regrets and life decisions. However, in the play 'The Glass Menagerie' by Tennessee Williams a different sense of the female voice is identified particularly through the character of Amanda. Amanda is living in a world that fluctuates between illusion and reality. The viewer views her as a determined woman that unfortunately does not succeed in the life she hopes for. Throughout the different context of each text, the contrasting female voices engage the responder and takes them on a journey of different life experiences whilst also demonstrating the repercussions of certain actions that can take place in ones life.

In the novel 'Before I fall', the protagonist Samantha Kingston portrays the female voice on many different levels, primarily through situations that she experiences. Sam conveys the perfect teen pitch by being one of the most popular girls at school, although that soon changes. Initially, Sam relates to the reader how when she gets out of school her and her friends will look back and know that they 'did everything right'. However, her belief soon changes as she experiences death but unusually has seven chances to relive her day. Sam realises that she was far...

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