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Being And Non Being In Pre Socratic Philosophy Essay

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  • on November 15, 2010
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Being and non-being in Pre-Socratic Philosophy
Philosophy originated as a means to provide reason and rationalization for the myriad of phenomena that make up human existence and experience. Pre-Socratic philosophers sought to quench their wonder and awe by establishing holistic explanations of nature and the origins of life. Naturally the predominant subject of philosophy became the question of how a thing comes to be. Why “naturally”? Straying from the contemporary theological views of creation, pre-Socratic philosophers provided their followers with more material and logical truths about being and non-being, life and death, and the multiplicity and unity of all things in existence according to our human perception. The fundamental elements of earth, air, fire, and water became the basis of defining anything, be it living or non-living. While this elemental understanding of nature varied among the pre-Socratics, the pursuit of comprehending being and non-being was the underlying foundation of each thinker’s philosophy. Following a commonly upheld chronology of the pre-Socratics it can be clearly observed how ideologies ? relating to creation, nature and the cosmos progressed and fed off of each other in an ongoing attempt to provide a more rational understanding of being.
Generally acknowledged as the first of the pre-Socratics, Thales is the earliest philosopher to be quoted on attempting to formulate an understanding of being. Thales claimed that behind all of the multiplicity of the world observed by our human senses there is one unity. This unity, or arché, as Thales says is water. Water is flowing and ever changing and so serves as a sufficient basis for all forms of nature, and especially life as water provides nourishment for organic life forms. Through examining testimony on Thales by Aristotle it can be understood that Thales believed “…nothing else comes to be or ceases to be; for there must be some entity. . .from which all other things come to be,...

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