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Beirut Civil War Essay

  • Submitted by: Sameri
  • on November 25, 2012
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De Niro's Game by Rawi hage deals with civil war in Beirut. Bassam , the main character of the novel , lost both parents in the war and ended up killing his best friend George because he stole his girlfriend using his power . George starts out as Balsam’s friend but later joins the military and become dishonest. Although these two characters are confident men capable of murder to get what they want, Bassam values honesty and friendship while George is more political and self centered.

Bassam works at the port and he doesn’t make enough money to support his mother and live Beirut.” I was desperate and restless, in need of a better job and money.”( page 19 ) whatever money he makes his mom is unhappy .one day he want to see his friend at the poker machine to find out how they can make more money . They start scheme the casino to get extra money.

Although Bassam and George always dream to live Beirut and go to Paris or Roma . That is the   plane to   have the extra money   .However   George Friend who use to work at casino suspect what’s going on at the casino. Both of them they plan to get read of him somehow, Bassem say to George that they can share the money. "We both brought money. One the way there, in the middle of a deserted street, we stopped under a bridge, away from the snipers' sharp eyes." (page 62) They are on the way   to give Khalil money . George didn't tell Bassem what he is going to   do . Bassem pay visit to Khalil place but he didn’t   find him in his place .

Bassem and George have friend at the camp. Bassem meet some of his high school friends at the camp and he is having good time. George and Khalil walk to words the empty building.” At that moment, screams came from the building, screams of help. It was George's voice.”(page 64 ) He and his friend they have strategy to success to the gale the set up to them self. when George walk with khalil ,expecting   his fair   share but the place is mass to find out what is gone happen next the war mixed...

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