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Belonging Essay - Skryznecki

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Peter Skrzynecki explores this notion of belonging being influenced by these contexts in his poems Feliks Skrzynecki and St Patrick’s College, where Skrzynecki describes his complications with assimilating to the Australian culture and dissimilating with his polish heritage. Similarly, the monologue, “My Chinese Identity” by William Yang, expresses that one’s sense of belonging is shaped by their cultural experiences.
The construct of belonging is one that is created from birth, and has both negative and affirmative connotations. Skrzynecki’s attempt of belonging to the institutional environment of St Patrick’s College, burdens him with a haunting sense of exclusion, highlighting that his time at the school was one of painful monotony and alienation. The simile “like a foreign tourist” emphasises that despite being part of the school for eight years he does not feel he belongs to the institution. The repetition of the “eight years” indicates that the poet’s school time appears long to him, indicating a lack of enjoyment. “I carried the blue, black and gold I’d been privileged to wear” alludes to the uniform, as a symbol of belonging, but to him it is his badge of conformity, and though he is part of the group, he feels disassociated. It is clear that Skrzynecki experienced a plagued division between him and the other non-immigrant students, invoked by his mother’s sentiment to assimilate projected by her determination “with never a thought- to fees and expenses”. Her conviction towards her ideal creates a loss of cultural identity in his warped understanding of his heritage, conveyed subtly by Skrzynecki neither being able to find a connection in his new world or at home where he is slowly forgetting his cultural language. His mother wanting “what was best” is testament to this quest for acceptance, influenced by his mothers feeling to assimilate, but also by his father’s pronounced sense of acceptance to the family’s predicament, accepting that...

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