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Benji G Essay

  • Submitted by: benjiguirguis
  • on November 19, 2013
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“ Discuss the notion that tort law has turned us into a society that sues each other when things go wrong ”
There are many different areas of tort law. Some of these areas include defamation, nuisance, negligence and trespassing. One individual may take another to court if they believe that they have breached one of these categories and may sue them for damages and money. A tort is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract. Tort law is a way in which the law can interfere with relationships between private individuals to correct a form of conduct or wrong. A large number of torts exist, and they generally derive their legal status from the common law. Since a court can define an existing tort or even recognise new ones through the common law, tort law is sometimes regarded as limitless and adaptable to modern circumstances.
As a result of tort law society has become less tolerant to each other. This is a result of the fact that they know that they can easily just take the person to court and sue them instead of simply working out the problem outside of the legal system. This as a result has broken up family and friendships. They don’t think about the harm they could have on their friends and family as a result of suing them without first thinking about the situation and finding a solution without taking them to court and ruining lasting friendships and families and therefore causing them financial and emotional distress, detriment and hardship.
A common example of defamation is when people sue radio announcers. When a comment is made and offence is taken a person may take that person to court and sue them for defamation and may be awarded a sum of money from that person. Society does not feel the need to rationally sort out its issues as it is easier to take the person to court and force them to pay money. Since 2006, all Australian states have adopted uniform defamation laws. One of the major and most discussed changes concerned defences to publication of...

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