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Beowulf Essay

  • Submitted by: tpayne
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: English
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One night as Grendel was sleeping soundly in his home in the swamplands, he was suddenly awakened by the sound of music. The music angered Grendel because he had been up late the night before entertaining his monster friends and was in need of his beauty rest. So he headed out to the front door to see what the commotion was all about.
Upon arrival at the mead hall, Grendel notices the door is much too small for him to enter through it easily. This does not make him happy because it happens everywhere he goes in the little human towns. So he squeezes his shoulders through the small opening and manages to ask the man nearest to the table what was going on. The man, being exhausted from his own celebrations, was too tired to even notice the beast standing over him. Monsters of Grendel’s type are not used to be ignored and see it as disrespectful and so do not liked to be ignored. This is why Grendel pulled his head from the doorway and reached his claw in to snatch up to unsuspecting man. Everyone else in the room was too busy to even notice the man being lifted from his place behind his drink. With the first man out of the way, Grendel decided to try a different approach. Again, scrunching himself down partway through the door, Grendel looked for someone to tell him what was going on. He cleared his throat and said with a rough, gravelly voice, “Excuse me!” No one noticed. So he even said it louder, “Excuse me!” A few heads turned. After a number of astonished gasps, more people turned to see. Detecting he was now the center of attention, Grendel asked why they were making so much noise so late at night. The men only stared at him. So he asked more simply and slowly and slowly, not knowing if they were intelligent or not, “What are you doing?” The only response this time was an echoed “Get Him!” This surprised Grendel because they seemed to say it in unison. He jumped slightly and hit his head on the doorway. He stood up and rubbed his head and knocked over a horse...

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