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Best Ihrm Practices—Research Design Essay

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Best IHRM Practices—Research Design


J. Michael Geringer, Colette A. Frayne, and John F. Milliman

The goal of this article is to describe and examine the research design and methodology that were employed by the Best International Human Resource Management Practices Project. The article briefly addresses the origins and goal of the project, including the research questions that the study was attempting to address. The methodology used for collecting the project’s data is then presented, including the design and dissemination of the questionnaire and related data collection issues. Implications of the project’s research design for interpretation of results, and for influencing the design and management of effective international human resource management practices, are discussed. © 2002 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Human resource management (HRM) practices have been recognized increasingly as a basis for achieving sustained competitive success, particularly for firms operating in challenging and rapidly changing international competitive environments (Cascio & Bailey, 1995; Florowski & Schuler, 1994; Pfeffer, 1994). Despite this, there has been little systematic empirical research assessing HRM practices, particularly in conjunction with cross-cultural and international HRM variables (Von Glinow, 1993). The vast bulk of existing research on HRM practices remains micro, focused within countries and without pretense to being generalizable. As a result, many organizations have begun to search for possible “best practices” regarding international HRM. These efforts have included attempts to identify and assess the relationships of specific HRM practices with various measures of organizational effectiveness, both within particular nations and especially across different countries. The need to develop “best” international HRM practices is becoming...

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