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Best in Class Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Best in Class
  1. Margaret Talbot spends a great time examining Sarasota High School in order to exemplify the extremity in which the competition for a school’s valedictorian spot can become. She alludes to the situation in Sarasota to introduce her topic and to give an example of the problem with naming a Valedictorian.
  2. She shows how more opportunities are available to students in schools, making the competition for Valedictorian even harder. Her personal statement shows the change in schools.
  3. One problem with naming a Valedictorian is that, in cases like the one in Sarasota, Florida at Sarasota High School, the controversy over the recipient who receives the award may divide both a school and its community. Another problem is that the contenders for valedictorian in many schools are numerous and their GPAs may differ by a thousandth of a point. Also, the competition has caused many lawsuits against school districts. A big problem with the competition for valedictorian is that it looks at the academic success of a student not the overall success (sports, clubs, etc.) of a student.
  4. Tolbert’s interviews with students appeal to the pathological senses of the audience. It gives a brief insight to the audience of what it was like for someone to have to fight for their rights to being valedictorian.
  5. It would have created more of a logical appeal rather than an appeal to pathos. It would have changed the overall tone and organization of the essay, changing the effect it has on the audience.
  6. Karen Arnold’s analogy is valid. If there can be strict criteria for positions on sport teams, then strict criteria for positions for those who have high academic success should be allowed. Some people are more successful in sports just like some people are more successful in academics. Those who succeed in academics are just as important as those who succeed in sports, so they should be able to get recognized too.
  7. This essay relies more...

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