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Biol 1104 Lab 3 Essay

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Intraspecific and interspecific competition plays a major role in stabilizing environments. These mechanisms ensure that no species can go beyond its environments carrying capacity. The purpose of this lab is to determine the effects of density on biomass of plants and the effects of predators and abiotic factors in an environment. This will be tested with the spinach plant Spinacia vulgaris of varying densities in the same sized pots and with the use of P. aurelia, P. bursaria and P. caudatum divided into control and experimental groups. The results showed that the increasing of the density leads to a decrease in the biomass of plants and that the experimental groups are not much different than the control groups. This shows that an environment can work to stabilize itself without human interruptions. Plants can ensure they don’t overpopulate an area by self-thinning and species can survive with predators using the environment they were given.
Competition for resources is seen in all species and environments around the world. Since the Earth’s natural resources are limited, it necessary for species of all kingdoms to fight in order to gain enough nutrients in order to not only live but thrive and go on to produce future generations. There are two types of competition that can be observed between species: interspecific and intraspecific. Interspecific is the competition between organisms of different species, such as what would happen for food and survival in a predator-prey relationship. Intraspecific is the competition between organisms of the same species. This can include the competition for dominance and mating partners. These two types of competition can be observed within many species in the same environment.
Stationary organisms, like plants, cannot escape competition from other species by movement. Yoda’s law explains the growth of these organisms through the self-thinning rule. It states that over time those that are smaller...

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