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Bla Bla Bla Essay

  • Submitted by: sharonhuixin
  • on November 19, 2013
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he United States Economy can be divided into three groups business, households, and government and they are all interconnected (Colander, 2010). First businesses provide goods and service and sell them to households. Next households supply labor and other needs to business to produce goods and service. Finally the government is a referee and tax collector as a referee the government set rules that build relationships between businesses and households. Then as a tax collector the government collects money to build improvements including education, roads, and defense. This paper is intended to show how each activity affects the service at all levels (Colander, 2010).

Purchasing of groceries is a necessary economic activity and affects all three groups. Business have to determine what to produce and how much to produce this is determined by households, because if a business is producing goods that households do not want to buy then they have to sell the goods at a minimum mark up to meet the demand of the product. On the other hand if they are producing products for the grocery store that is in high demand and cannot keep up with the demand they can offer the product at a premium. This affects the government because the higher the price the more tax revenue is generated creating a surplus of funds to fund public and government projects.

Massive layoff of employee in the market economy affects government, households, and businesses by reducing the ability of all to produce and buy goods. When a business has a massive layoff it usually means that the product that they are producing or the service that they are providing is no longer needed at a high capacity, but unfortunately for households that are affected by the layoffs it means that they no longer have the means to buy luxury goods and are operating on a reduced budget and have to seek new jobs. For some this might be easy but for others that are older or do not have the skills to get a job that pays them...

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