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Black Plauge Essay

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Joshua Martin
Western Civilization
Essay #3

The Black Death

The Black Death or the Bubonic Plague or the Black pague are all names given to the worst epidemic of all times. From 1347 – 1351 a disease was spread throughout Europe, it brought with it pain, fever, lesions, coughing, shivers, vomiting and and falling to the illest of ill which includes swollen lymph-nodes. Most of whom succumb to this disease died within 3-4 days, the rest lived up to two weeks. The Black Death was caused by a Yersinia pestis a disease spread by fleas on the backs of mice and through the blood of fleas. There were so many deaths many could not be burried properly and were put in shallow graves which also helped the spread of the disease. Very few were immune to the disease, approximately two percent of the population. It effected ever class of people from clergymen to peasants.
The sudden of death of many many people caused the prices of goods to sky rocket because people started to get scared to come in contact with outsiders and goods became scarce. The disease impacted the peasants more than any other class. This also caused a shortage of workers to work the land and harvest crops so that they could be ready for sale. These workers were the ones who lived in poor conditions where the disease was abundant in turn caused wages to go up and demand for workers to go up as well. The land owners also freed the peasants of taxes in some cases and communities for fear they would travel down the road to a better financial situation.
The open trade market as well dropped. It was so scarce that it went from an average of over 1300 ships per year down to 141 ships during the plague. This caused precious metals and other sought after foreign goods more valuable.
Historians believe that the plague started during a recession when wages were low, crops were scarce because the populations were high and well out-weighed the amount or production of food. The Black Death...

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