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Blindness Essay

  • Submitted by: natalie2047
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Blindness from a personal perspective
It is impressive to see how one change in our life can have a huge impact. During his presentation, Peter Nikolantonakis described and explained to us his personal experience with vision loss and how it changed his life. One of the first things he said was that you need to learn to live with blindness. Nobody wants this, but when it happens, you can’t do anything but accept it. I totally understand how he feels, because people often realise how lucky they are to have something once it’s gone. Vision is something really important in our life and it’s really hard to live without it. You need to adopt new techniques and life styles. Mr. Nikilantonakis told us that three things were important for him and that he couldn’t go through it without them: deal with it day by day, have a belief in God, and have a really strong support such as family and friends. Encouragement is always important in this kind of situation and he needed this because he told us that he experiences three major feelings when it happened to him. It was fear, anger, and denial.   It is insane how people judge others too fast. Being blind doesn’t mean being useless. You need to understand them and be a good support. Mr. Nikolantonakis told us that after this changed, he couldn’t find a life partner or a job. This is something really sad because he needs to convince people that he’s not just blind. People shouldn’t look at that and give him a chance and this is his biggest dream.   He hopes to one day live his life like everyone else, without being judged because of his loss of vision

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