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Blobert Essay

  • Submitted by: facewithscar
  • on November 23, 2012
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riendship is a necessity of a person¶s life and could affect either how they live or their social structure. Regret, cowardice, courage, no regrets, and happiness are all attributes shown byKhaled Hosseini¶s characters.
In Khaled Hosseini¶s novel
e Kite Runner,

there are characters that are compared andcontrasted throughout the story.
ne of the most important relationships in the novel is betweenAmir and Hassan. The relationship between Amir and Hassan (friend and friend) are clearlyshown throughout this novel. Amir is the ³master´ of Hassan because Hassan¶s ³father´ was a³slave´ to Amir¶s father.Amir finds out that Hassan was his half-brother and that he lived a life full of lies. Sincethe beginning of the story Amir feels unwanted by his father because even though Hassan is a³slave´, his father Baba shows more affection towards Hassan then towards Amir.
e Kite Runner
Amir shows the characteristic of being cowardly the most.When Assef rapes Hassan, Amir is standing there wondering what to do. He knows that heshould stop Assef but he doesn¶t know how too. So Amir ends up watching this horrific view.This guilt builds up throughout the years, causes pain to him and Hassan, and results in Hassanmoving away. As his life progresses, incidents come up where he has to make a choice betweentelling the truth or not to tell of Hassan getting raped. When Soraya tells her story that she sleptwith another man, this leaves Amir with two options. To tell her about Hassan or not to tell her about the incident. As he decides to leave this for later, it leaves a scar in Amir¶s life.
Another important characteristic of Amir throughout the book is regret. As Amir¶s life progresses, many events come back to one particular scene. As Amir was getting through theshock that Hassan got raped, a bigger problem comes up. Hassan was going to move away from

Amir. After Hassan left, Amir didn¶t have the chance to apologize...

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  • Submitted by: facewithscar
  • on November 23, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 453 words
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