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Blue Print of Key Board Service Essay

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                          Steps for providing after sales service of the keyboard.
  1) After purchasing the keyboard the customer calls the service center for the after sales service.
  2) The then if the call is in hold then a pleasant music is played and the customer is informed to hold the call for some moment and then the representative receives the call and provides information of the service center.
  3) The representative records the problem of the keyboard related to the customers in the system.
  4) Now after getting the information of the service center the customer arrive at the service center.
  5) The doorman greets the customer and notes down the keyboard ID number also direct him to the service counter.
  6) The customer then checks in to the service counter.
  7) If the counter is busy then he has to wait in lounge for some time where chair, Air-conditioner, fan, mineral water, and newspaper are being provided.
  8) The service counter takes the keyboard for checking and verifying the warranty period.
  9) Now the keyboard is send to the service engineer for checking the problem.
  10) If the problem is minute then the keyboard is repaired and given back to the customers.
  11) If the problem is serious the replacement is done.
  12) The counter person does the paper work needed for replacement.
  13) Then a new keyboard is taken out from the stock of the service center and given to the customer.
  14) The defective keyboard is then reported to the production department.
  15) The production department takes corrective measure for the problem.
      The steps 2, are all front stage action
      The steps 3,9,10,13 are back stage action.
      The step 14 and 15 are support action process.

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