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Bone Black Essay

  • Submitted by: Reduce123
  • on November 24, 2012
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When color or dent is added to consistency image, desirability is eroded even further. As an African American girl, the narrator in Bone Black believes she is in some way less desirable than white girls because white girls and their bodies are held up as the desirable norm. Because African Americans often have no "desirable" soulfulnessal identity compared to "white" bodies and physicality in a prejudiced society, the narrator in Bone Black never tells us the name of town or state in which she lives. She also fails to tell us the names of those with whom she interacts, even her comrade and sisters. Such namelessness is a symbol of how the black body is often invisible and without identity in mainstream culture.
By describing her kidskinishness experience living in the racist south, the narrator in Bone Black makes us see how often the identity of African Americans is muted or becomes invisible in par to mainstream norms, attitudes and images. In one experience, she describes being a "problem child" to her parents, because she does not call for a white Barbie shuttlecock equal all children typically receives. Instead she wants a brown doll so that she can play with a "baby" that is appressed to her own experience and identity. When she imagines the brown babies who are seldom precious on their dust-gathering shelves, we see the author's expression that identity is often pointless when one is devalued solely becaus

e of body or physicality, "?somewhere left advanced on the shelves were boxes of unwanted, unloved brown dolls covered in dust. I thought that they would remain there forever, orphaned and alone, unless someone began to want them, to give them love and care" (Hooks 1996, p. 24).

The narrator depicts the pain and throe of her experiences with prejudice against appearance and deformed physicality. Like the narrator in Bone Black, we see that Lucy initially comes to have a first gear self-esteem and valuation of her self because she bases her entire...

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